Our newest, most powerful engine fits in your pocket. FordPass takes what you used to do with multiple apps and does it in one.

- Find parking in parking garages and lots, including parking in New York, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, DC, Philadelphia and much more.
-Get one-on-one help from FordGuides
- Quickly call for Roadside Assistance2
- Find and reach your Ford dealer making car service simpler
- Access your Ford Credit account
- Start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule starts1 for vehicles with SYNC® Connect (currently available on properly-equipped 2017 Ford Escapes and 2017 Ford Fusions)
- With SYNC® Connect, SYNC 3® or SYNC® Applink™-equipped vehicles, track fuel levels and get alerts when your vehicle needs attention

Easier car service and Roadside Assistance. Better Ford dealer visibility. Powerful vehicle controls1 for the 2017 Ford Escape and 2017 Ford Fusion with SYNC Connect. This is just the beginning. More solutions are already in the works. (Soon you'll be able to use FordPass for things like car sharing and airport parking through another parking partner.)

More details about some key features:
- PARK - Find parking spots in 160+ cities including New York, Chicago, Atlanta, LA, Seattle, Denver, Dallas, DC and Philadelphia.

- GUIDES - When you need help solving mobility challenges, our trained team of Guides are available via live chat or call to help. Additionally, Roadside Assistance2 is available 24/7 in just a few taps. For certain Ford owners such as select 2017 Ford Escape and Ford Fusion owners (and future Ford Focus, F150 and other Ford owners), the Roadside Assistance team will already know your vehicle and location making car service even simpler for you.

- MY DEALER - Find not only a Ford dealer, but the right Ford dealer for you based on car service offerings and location. Set a preferred Ford dealer for your vehicles so you can quickly refer to and call your Ford dealership.

- VEHICLE CONTROLS - A powerful set of keyless controls lets you start, stop, lock, unlock and schedule predetermined starts. This feature is currently available to select 2017 Ford Escape and Ford Fusion models equipped with SYNC Connect, but will eventually be released to all Ford vehicles including the F150, Ford Focus and more.